ADVENT reflections

advent reflections

It’s a season filled with many traditions.  So many they can be overwhelming some times.  The purposeful reflection of expectancy that is Advent is not simply “one more thing”.  It can be a centering thing.  Join us this season as we work through a different devotion/reflection each week.

“Advent is waiting. It is longing. It is hoping…for a Savior that will change everything.”
Robbie Seay

Officially, it is the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Practically, it is meant to be a season of slowing our lives down. Advent is celebrating the event of the Incarnation, the birth of Jesus.  It is also hope-filled expectation.  Advent is the longing for Jesus’ second coming, when all will be set to rights.

Download the Advent Songs album from Holy City Hymns to go along with the week. Download is free but tips for the artists are always nice.

Follow the link to download each weekly reflection (PDF).  Or grab the next week each Sunday @ Water City Church.

Week One: HOPE

Week Two: LOVE

Week Three: JOY

Week Four: PEACE