Baptism is for those who have made a decision to follow Jesus.  It doesn’t mean you’re perfect.  It doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out.

Who can get baptized?
New Christians.  Old Christians.  Restart Christians.  Young.  Old.  Women.  Men.  It’s a declaration that you are a Christian.

Does baptism make me a Christian?
Nope.  It’s a physical symbol of an invisible reality.  Wearing a wedding ring doesn’t make a couple married.  It’s a symbol of the reality that the husband and wife are married.

What if I was baptized as an infant?
The stories in Scripture seem to all point to people being baptized after they’ve made a decision to become a follower of Jesus.  Since this isn’t a decision anyone else can make for you, it seems right to us that people would be baptized after they make that faith decision.

Which means we’ll baptize you if you want to take that next step of obedience in faith.

What if I was baptized before but haven’t been living a life consistent with it?  What if I’ve drifted?
We’ll baptize you if you want to make a statement of starting fresh, but this isn’t necessary.  Because remember, baptism isn’t salvation.  It’s saying you’re for real now.

What should I wear?
Something appropriate to get wet in in public.

If you’ve got more questions or are wanting to sign up to be baptized let us know.