LER 2016 – An Unpublished Trail Guide

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“So where to start?  How about at the place where the Fiedler family intersects Charlotte Mason… maybe your story has some overlap.  In sharing our story today, my hope is that perhaps you’ll see you’re not the only one… perhaps you’ll find language to help explain why you are doing what you are doing… or maybe what not to say…

This all starts Christmas Eve 2011.  It was a Saturday night.  I remember because five years ago Christmas Day fell on a Sunday… I was downstairs in my basement workroom trying to finish a couple of presents that I had said would be finished earlier in the week… promised Amy they would be finished… and wrapped under the tree…”

The above quote is the beginning to the talk I was asked to give at the 2016 Living Education Retreat (LER).  Though my wife and I have been implementing Charlotte Mason’s philosophy for four years in our homeschool, this invitation to share at the LER became the opportunity to stop and reflect on my own journey from “CM skeptic” to “all in”.

Each journey is unique.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled onto this page after a google search like: “Who in the world is Charlotte Mason?” or “Homeschooling Dad, what do I do now?”  There is a chance you’ve been on this trail for a decade or more.  Regardless of how you got here, I’m thrilled and humbled to think that perhaps in my sharing this talk (which was just one small piece of a fantastic retreat), you might find encouragement/hope/challenge/new ideas.

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*Thanks to our good friend Nancy Kelly for the encouragement to put this out into the wild.