Water City Church is committed to the process of serving a God who is actively at work in the world around us.

The scriptures challenge us to join in this “work of our God setting things to rights” (as N.T. Wright puts it). At times this takes the form of, what is called, traditional missions – the sending of professional missionaries (usually Americans) to people that need to hear the good news.

But not always.

We have told individuals they are valuable to us and God through micro financing (small loans through Kiva.org that help individuals build a better life). We’ve given flowers to local abuse shelters. This past year we even nurtured a community garden because we believe that Jesus is alive and that means families in need deserve fresh produce. We support a ministry in Milwaukee that continues to get in there and tangibly make life better for the people in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Missions is more than sending Americans around the world to tell the story of God’s love for all people. It is that, but it is so much more. Join us as we work to figure out our place as a church in this messy process called mission.