Where are you located?
Downtown Oshkosh 217 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI

What can I expect?
Our gatherings vary week to week.  You can expect communion,
an element of worship (perhaps singing, corporate reading,
reflective prayer, music, or art) an exploration of the Biblical text,,
space to discuss the passage and it’s application in our culture.
You will not be judged, because we are all in this together.

Do I have to dress up?
No.  Think out with friends for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Is there something for my kids?
Yes.  We have a top notch children’s ministry that runs parallel to our Sunday morning gatherings. Staffed by trained, screened volunteers

What if I wasn’t raised in church?
That’s fine.  We’ve got Bibles for everyone and put the page numbers on the video screen, so we’re all looking in the same place.  We all know that guy who makes you feel not so smart for not knowing something… we don’t like that feeling either.

What if I was raised in church?
You may or may not like us.  If you are hoping Water City will be just like your old church… it probably will take some  adjusting.  If for you, “church” is the community of people seeking to follow the life/teachings of Jesus then you will catch us in stride.

What about money?
It helps pay for things, like the fair trade coffee we serve and kiva.org microloans that we support.  It helps us keep our space and helps with helping people (including folks from our group who are telling the Jesus Story halfway around the world).

What if I still have questions?
You are welcome to email us or call.  But you should know that we all have questions.  The longer we do faith, the more new questions we have.  Please join us as we explore what God intended the church to be, how spiritual growth happens, and how we’re trying to live that out at Water City.